Our mission is to help bring ease, vitality, and vibrant health into people’s lives.

We are a small, family-owned business focused on quality, convenience, and simplicity. We believe that Superfoods are a great start to a healthy lifestyle. In our modern world we have such a unique opportunity to have these powerful foods available to us from all around the world. We believe that we can consume them in a conscious way that can enhance our well-being.

We also have a passion for encouraging families to improve their health. With the increasing availability of processed foods and the bombardment of environmental toxins and pesticides, we think it is important to protect and nourish our children. Superfoods are a brilliant answer to this. We believe our subscription model will add a convenience factor that is much appreciated in today’s times. We also prioritize attentiveness to your needs, concerns, and suggestions. Whether you are a busy mom, a single bachelor or somewhere in between, improving your health has never been easier.

We warmly welcome you to join us in healthier living.


Nancy Martin and Brandon Smith are the founders of Eat More Bliss. They are passionate about bringing more consciousness into all areas of their lives and encouraging others to do the same. One expression of this has been the creation of Eat More Bliss, where they have combined their unique skills to help people bring more consciousness into the kitchen.

Mother Child Green Smoothie SuperfoodNancy is a mother to an energetic, beautiful 6-year old daughter, Violet. Throughout motherhood, Nancy has learned the importance of taking responsibility for her and her family’s health. She knows from personal experience the bewildering number of options people have when it comes to eating healthily. Through years of nutritional research and personal experience, Nancy has found that the addition of Superfoods to any diet is an easy and extremely nourishing option for both kids and adults. Nancy has experience as a chef, working specifically with raw foods, and is well studied in nutritional philosophies. She believes that life in the kitchen can be fun, easy, and delicious.
Aside from co-founding Eat More Bliss, she conducts sound and energy healing, leads workshops and empowers women to have healthy births through her work as a Doula. She also enjoys traveling around the world, playing her kalimba and drinking green smoothies.

Brandon SmithBrandon grew up appreciating healthy foods from the very beginning as his mother made his baby-food from scratch. He has continued to prioritize health of mind, body, spirit and the environment throughout his life. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology along with a Master’s in International Business, he helped start and grow a highly successful international non-profit organization focused on environmental building. In that organization he served numerous roles including Interim Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. After that, he began his own consulting company where he helps small to mid-sized, responsible organizations improve their business operations. In his free time, Brandon enjoys meditation, yoga, traveling the world, snow skiing, rock climbing, hiking and spending time with friends. In his kitchen, he’s becoming a mad scientist of food fermentation.