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About Nancy Martin

Throughout motherhood, Nancy Martin has learned the importance of taking responsibility for her and her family’s health. Through years of nutritional research and personal experience, Nancy has found that the addition of Superfoods to any diet is an easy and extremely nourishing option for both kids and adults. She believes that life in the kitchen can be fun, easy, and delicious.

Chocolate Chia Bliss Balls

I love these because they are so yummy and easy to make. They are packed with protein, and healthy fats like omega 3 and 6. They freeze beautifully and thaw out within 5 minutes only.  I make one batch of these and store them in the freezer so I always have a healthy treat available when needed. They are a perfect sweet to offer to guests with a cup of tea, and people are always surprised how healthy these are once they taste them. Kids love them too!

Serves: around 30

*This recipe calls for soaked chia seeds. I recommend soaking chia seeds in a 1:6 ratio of seeds to water and letting them sit for at least 15 minutes. If you want to soak just enough chia seeds for this recipe, then it would be 1.5 tablespoons chia seeds to 1 deciliter water.


1.5 dl  Raw Cacao Powder

2 TBSPN Hemp Protein Powder

1.5 dl hazelnut flour or almond flour

pinch sea salt

3 dl dates (pits removed)

1 dl soaked Chia Seeds

2 TBSPN Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

2-4 TBSPN Coconut Flakes (optional for garnish)


1. In one bowl, mix together the first four ingredients.

2. Using an immersion blender, or a food processor blend dates, chia seeds and coconut oil.

3. Mix everything together until well incorporated and roll into balls 1 tablespoon at a time.

4. Roll into coconut flakes if desired.



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Good Nutrition just got a lot easier: Introducing the “Bliss Mix”

The answer to these questions could change your life.

What stops us from living the healthiest lives we could, even when we know what’s good for us? Why do we grab unhealthy foods instead of healthy ones?

In observing our own lives and speaking with hundreds of people, we’ve found that this question actually has four answers. People say healthy choices are

  1. Too expensive
  2. Too complicated
  3. Take too much time
  4. Taste bad

So, we set out to solve this dilemma for ourselves and for others. We wanted to find an easy, tasty and convenient way we could greatly enhance our health, while costing less than a daily cup of coffee. We wanted something that was as convenient as the myriad of unhealthy snack foods, but infinitely more satisfying.

Introducing: The Bliss Mix

The Bliss Mix is one bag containing the perfect mix of 10 of the world’s most powerful Superfoods. – antioxidant-rich Super-fruits, alkalizing Super-greens, detoxifying Super-algaes, and vitality-building Adaptogenic herbs.

All of our ingredients are raw – dried and powdered at low temperatures to preserve their nutritional value.

It’s incredibly nutritious, convenient, and it even tastes pretty good. Our 6 year old loves it mixed into a glass of plain water!


And at less than 2 bucks per serving, it’s perhaps the most affordable thing you could do to profoundly improve your health.

What’s in it?


  • Wild Blueberry
  • Wild Goji Berry
  • Baobab

Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, these Super-fruits are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet! They boost the health of the brain, heart, skin and immune system, and have up to 6 times more nutrients than normal fruits.


  • Wheatgrass
  • Barleygrass
  • Moringa

Rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and important minerals, these alkalizing greens keep your cells happy and your body strong!

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

This fudge is dense, rich and satisfying. We served it at our “Eat More Bliss Cafe” at a lovely music festival, and they were flying off the table. You can store them for months in the freezer, so you have a satisfying & healthy treat on hand when you get a craving. They taste best about 10 minutes after taken out of the freezer.

Serves 12-24 depending on the size you want


2.5 dl (1 cup)  Virgin Coconut Oil

2.5 dl (1 cup)  organic peanut butter

5 dl (2 cups) Raw Organic Cacao Powder

2.5 dl (1 cup) dates  (pits removed and soaked in warm water for a few minutes)

5 TBSPN coconut sugar syrup (see details below), or maple syrup

1 dl (1/2 cup) almond flour

pinch sea salt

(optional) hemp seeds for garnishing


1. Start with making the coconut sugar syrup by placing 5 TBSPN of coconut sugar into a pot with 5 tspns water. Simmer on medium heat and stir continuously until all of the sugar is dissolved.

2. Using a food processor, sturdy blender, or an immersion blender, blend all ingredients (except the hemp seeds) until smooth.

3. Spread fudge mixture into large rectangular pan that can fit in the freezer. Alternatively, place fudge 1-2 TBSPN at a time in small chocolate forms or cupcake liners.

4. Sprinkle with hemp seeds and place in the fridge or freezer for at least 1 hour.

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Chia Seeds : Ancient Superfood Secret – Top 10 Uses that will surprise you

History and Legend

Legend has it that Mexican Aztec warriors often survived on tiny seeds called Chia. Tales also talk of Native Americans being able to run extremely long distances with just 1 teaspoon of Chia Seeds in their bellies.

Just fanciful stories?

In 1998, 52-year old, Mexican, Ciraldo Chicarito, won a 200 mile ultra-marathon, competing against many of the world’s best trained endurance athletes. He wore handmade sandals and had not trained extensively. He attributed much of his success to chia seeds. 6

Don’t be fooled by their tiny size. Chia Seeds pack a mighty punch!

Chia Seeds were so valuable to ancient Native American cultures that they were even used as a cash crop and paid as tribute to rulers in Central America between 1500 and 900 b.C. 1

Chia Seeds: What are they?

Chia Seeds are the seeds of the Salvia hispanica plant which is a type of mint plant in the Lamiaceae family. The plant is indigenous to Mexico and parts of South America.

Nutritional Content:

Gram for gram, Chia Seeds have 3 times the iron of spinach, 5 times the calcium of milk, 2 times the potassium of bananas, 2 times the protein of any other seed or grain, and 3 times the antioxidants of blueberries. 3

They contain 15 – 25% protein and are also rich in Magnesium, Fiber, Selenium, and Phosphorus. 3, 4

Perhaps one of their most incredible nutritional qualities is that they have more omega 3 fatty acids than any other plant source, and the ideal 3:1 balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats. 3

According to Mike Adams, one of my favorite nutritionists, Chia Seeds are the ultimate survival food for long-term storage

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Chia Seed Sprouts

Do you remember those “Chia Pets” that were popular in the late eighties? Who knew those silly things were growing some of the most nutritionally dense sprouts on top of their heads?

Try sprouting Chia Seeds as an easy way to add micro-greens to your diet!

NOTE: It should be noted before you begin that because Chia seeds are mucilaginous, in other words, “slimy,  they aren’t as easy to sprout in a jar like other seeds.  Instead, you will need a “growing tray.” This can be a ceramic or clay dish. You may also try a glass pie pan.


1. Fill dish with water. Allow the dish to soak for about 10 minutes and then pour water off.

2. Sprinkle your seeds onto the dish and make sure they are spread evenly in one single layer. Allow some space between the seeds.

3. Cover with a clear glass or plastic bowl and set them in a sunny spot in your house.

4. Ideally using a water bottle sprayer, spray the dish once in the morning and once in the evening. Assure that the dish is wet at all times, but that there is no excess water. Keep the dish covered.

5. After about 3 days, you can then begin watering the sprouts by simply running the water from the faucet over them. Always drain so that there is no excess water, but make sure that the dish stays wet.

6. Harvest!  The sprouts should be ready to harvest when they are about 4-7 days old. They should be around 1-2 cm high. You can harvest the roots and all and keep them fresh in the refrigerator in a partially closed container for up to a week.

7. Add your sprouts to salads, sandwiches or

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Chia Seed Lemonade

Chia Seeds are a potent energy food that provide you with a load of nutrients, healthy fats, and long lasting energy. They also help the body to stay hydrated. I love this drink as a great way to start the day, when I am in need of a refreshing boost, or half an hour before a workout to ensure I am well hydrated and energized. This is a twist on a traditional Mexican beverage. We’ll replace refined white sugar with a high quality sweetener.

Serves: 2


5 dl water

2 TBSP Chia Seeds

1 TBSP lemon or lime juice

1 TBSP sweetener of choice (raw honey or maple syrup)


1. Start by adding the lemon or lime juice to water.

2. Add sweetener and stir well. (Can also mix in blender.)

3. Stir in Chia Seeds and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes.

4. Stir or shake and enjoy. Refrigerate for a refreshing beverage.

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Chiapudding med choklad

Detta är en mycket god och läcker dessert som också kan funka som mellanmål på eftermiddagen eller ett bra snack för hungriga barn. Detta är också en utmärkt mellanmål före ett träningspass då chiafröna och kakaon ger dig bra energi som räcker länge.

För 2-4 pers


1 dl Chia frön blötlagda i 5 dl vatten helst över natten eller minst 30 minuter (det ska bildas en “gel”)

 1 dl dadlar

2 dl kokosmjölk

3 msk Kakaopulver

1 msk Lucuma pulver

1/4 msk vanilj pulver

1 nypa havssalt

(om önskas kokosflingor)




1. Mixa allt utom chiafrögelen i en matberedare eller med en stavmixer. Se till att dadlarna är urkärnade!

2. Blanda i chiafrönal. För bästa smak, låt svalna i kylskåp i ett par timmar.

3. Toppamed kokos och njut!

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Healthy Coconut Oil: Surprising Benefits and Top 30 Uses

If I were stranded on an island and had to choose only one food to take with me, it would be coconut oil. Coconut Oil is one of the most useful Superfoods – delicious, healthy and incredibly versatile.

Some years ago, popular media criticized all saturated fats and claimed margarine and highly refined vegetable oils as the so-called “healthy” fats. We now know that these processed oils are not healthy for us, while certain saturated fats like coconut oil are extremely healthy. Thousands of peer reviewed studies support this claim, including over 10,000 on coconut oil alone. 1

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, osteopathic physician and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, cooking with vegetable and hydrogenated oils, such as margarine, canola, corn and soy oils:

  • introduces oxidized cholesterol into your system leading to vascular disease.
  • increases your risk of chronic diseases like breast cancer and heart disease.
  • introduces toxins such as glyphosate and Bt toxin into your system since most of these oils are made from genetically engineered crops and heavily sprayed with commercial herbicides.
  • creates an overabundance of damaged omega-6 fats in your diet, contributing to many health concerns.  2 3

Dr. Mercola states, “There is only one oil that is stable enough to resist mild heat-induced damage, while it also helps you promote heart health and even supports weight loss and thyroid function — coconut oil.3

The health benefits of coconut oil are vast and include the following:

  • Promotes heart health
  • May strengthen the immune system
  • May boost metabolism
  • Keeps skin healthy and youthful
  • May increase mental alertness
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • May improve blood cholesterol levels
  • Under study for improving brain function in people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia 4
  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Known to aid in the absorption of calcium and magnesium
  • Easier to digest than
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Kokosolja och Kakaosmör: Bästa Kroppsmöret

Oavsett vad du lägger på din hud, bör det vara ätbart. Vår hud är vårt största organ och absorberar allt vi utsätter den för, inklusive kemikalier och konstgjorda parfymer som finns i de flesta hudprodukter. Detta kroppssmör är lätt att göra och innehåller endast 2 rena ingredienser: Kokosolja och kakaosmör. Båda dessa är bra för vår hud och djupt fuktgivande. Tillsammans luktar de gudomligt och är en fin naturlig hudprodukt med perfekt jämn och krämig konsistens – fantastiskt för torra vinterdagar!


1 dl kakaosmör

1 dl kokosolja

1. Värm ugnen till 100 grader.

2. Placera kokosolja och kakaosmör i en ugnsfast skål eler form och sätt in i ugnen.

3. Låt dem bli till vätska. (Tar vanligtvis mindre än 10 minuter.)

4. Ta ut från ugnen och blanda dem väl med en sked.

5. Ställ skålen i kylskåpet och låt stelna (ca 10 – 20 minuter).

6. Ställ i rumstemperatur för att mjukna.

Tips: Om du inte lämnar blandningen i kylen alltför länge så mjuknar det snabbare.

Nu har du en perfekt krämig och lyxig fuktighetskräm för din kropp och ditt ansikte!

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Sju enkla metoder för ett friskare och lyckligare 2014

I början av januari lämnade , Violet, Brandon och jag Sverige för Thailand. Vi har nu installerat oss på den vackra ön Koh Phangan och kommer att vara här en månad innan du åker till Bali där vi kommer att vara till juni. Det är dock ingen anledning till oro. Vi levererar fortfarande  Superfoods medan vi är här.

Nu när vi redan är en bit in i 2014, ville vi dela med oss av några metoder vi använder för att skapa förutsättningar för hälsa, lycka och välbefinnande.

Det är lätt att ta i för mycket i början av varje nytt år, så vi ville ge er några mycket realistiska metoder för välbefinnande som är enkelt, snabbt och effektivt.

Smoothie-Slider2_320px1. Få din dagliga dos av Superfoods.
Ha som daglig rutin att ha en Superfood smoothie eller juice. Det är alltid lättare att lägga till saker till din diet, än att ta bort dem. När du inkluderar mer näringsriktiga livsmedel i din kost börjar kroppen  naturligt att vilja ha mer av dessa och samtidigt minskar behovet av mindre hälsosam mat. Att tillsätta Superfoods till smoothies, juicer eller vatten är enkelt och kraftfullt. Upplev mer energi, ett starkare immunförsvar och ett lugn i vetskapen om att din kropp får protein, nyttiga fetter och ett brett urval av viktiga mineraler och vitaminer.

2. Drick rent vatten.

De flesta dricker kranvatten som kan innehålla tungmetaller, kemikalier och spår av farmaceutiska droger. Att dricka massor av vatten är viktigt, men det är också kvaliteten på vattnet. Om du inte har möjligheten att hämta källvatten som vi gjorde i Sverige, är det näst bästa ett ordentligt vattenfilter. Snart

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