The answer to these questions could change your life.

What stops us from living the healthiest lives we could, even when we know what’s good for us? Why do we grab unhealthy foods instead of healthy ones?

In observing our own lives and speaking with hundreds of people, we’ve found that this question actually has four answers. People say healthy choices are

  1. Too expensive
  2. Too complicated
  3. Take too much time
  4. Taste bad

So, we set out to solve this dilemma for ourselves and for others. We wanted to find an easy, tasty and convenient way we could greatly enhance our health, while costing less than a daily cup of coffee. We wanted something that was as convenient as the myriad of unhealthy snack foods, but infinitely more satisfying.

Introducing: The Bliss Mix

The Bliss Mix is one bag containing the perfect mix of 10 of the world’s most powerful Superfoods. – antioxidant-rich Super-fruits, alkalizing Super-greens, detoxifying Super-algaes, and vitality-building Adaptogenic herbs.

All of our ingredients are raw – dried and powdered at low temperatures to preserve their nutritional value.

It’s incredibly nutritious, convenient, and it even tastes pretty good. Our 6 year old loves it mixed into a glass of plain water!


And at less than 2 bucks per serving, it’s perhaps the most affordable thing you could do to profoundly improve your health.

What’s in it?


  • Wild Blueberry
  • Wild Goji Berry
  • Baobab

Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, these Super-fruits are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet! They boost the health of the brain, heart, skin and immune system, and have up to 6 times more nutrients than normal fruits.


  • Wheatgrass
  • Barleygrass
  • Moringa

Rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and important minerals, these alkalizing greens keep your cells happy and your body strong! They help reduce unhealthy cravings, increase energy, slow the effects of aging, improve digestion, ease joint pain, and balance the body’s pH levels.


  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella

Loaded with B Vitamins, protein, trace minerals, detoxifying compounds and essential fatty acids, Super-algaes may be nature’s best kept secret. They detoxify the body, protect against damage from heavy metals and promote the health of the heart, brain, liver and nervous system.


  • Maca
  • Reishi Mushroom

Adaptogens are vitality-building substances that help the body resist the damaging effects of stress. They help reduce fatigue, improve focus, support the immune system and restore the body to a state of balance.

What’s so special about our mix?

Unlike almost every other “health drink” mix out there, ours is made up of 100% Superfoods. We do not use fillers, chemicals, sweeteners, extracts or flavorings of any kind. The Bliss Mix is also gluten free, raw, and vegan.

Research shows that synthetic vitamins and minerals do not get absorbed as well as nutrients from natural sources, and research is beginning to show that synthetic vitamins and minerals may actually be bad for your health.

According to nutritionist Mike Adams, “When you take a typical multivitamin made with calcium carbonate, iron sulfate and magnesium oxide, you are eating rocks, not minerals. And when you take a multivitamin made with “standardized” isolated vitamins, you are eating chemicals, not real nutrition.” He suggests getting your vitamins and minerals from food-based nutrition.

Because each of our ingredients is simply a dried powder of a whole food, the body has a much easier time absorbing and using the nutrients.

Think of the Bliss Mix as your Superfood Multi-vitamin. Good nutrition just doesn’t get any better!

Fight unhealthy cravings the easy way

Something amazing happens when we begin to add extremely nutritious foods to our diet. Slowly but surely our body actually begins to crave healthier things. This is why Superfoods are an easy win. They are packed with so many important nutrients that our modern-day bodies usually lack, and they are so easy to add to any diet-especially with our new Bliss Mix. Fight unhealthy cravings the easy way – by adding Superfoods to your diet.


How easy is it? – Fast Food at its Best in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Pour up a glass of juice or water or make a smoothie.
  2. Stir in 2 tablespoons of “Bliss Mix” (no blender required).
  3. Enjoy feeling nutritionally charged, energized and balanced all day long.

Simple, quick, healthy and tasty. At less than 2 euros per serving, we hope you feel excited to have more than one Bliss Mix drink every day.

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Still want to know more about the Bliss Mix?

If you want to know as much as we do about the Bliss Mix, keep on reading for a description of each Superfood ingredient, its nutritional highlights and health benefits.

Nutritional Highlights and Benefits at a Glance:


Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, these Super-fruits are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet! They boost the health of the brain, heart, skin and immune system, and have up to 6 times more nutrients than normal fruits.


Wild Blueberry Powder

What is it? Our Wild European Blueberry powder is made by gently slow drying the berries at a low temperature of less than 34 degrees Celsius to allow slow evaporation of almost all of the water. Because of the slow drying process, the phyto-nutrients remain intact. Wild blueberries contain 30 times more nutrients than cultivated blueberries.

Nutritional Highlights: Wild blueberries are high in fiber, antioxidants, and manganese (a trace mineral). They also contain plenty of phyto-nutrients to keep you healthy and aid in the protection against illnesses.

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Brain Health: Research suggests that including wild blueberries in a daily diet may slow the loss of cognitive function and decrease depression in the elderly. 1
  • Protection against cancer: An antioxidant called pterostilbene, found in high quantities in blueberries, has cancer-fighting properties. 2
  • Heart Healthy: Blueberries may protect against cardiovascular disease, help balance cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, protect against stroke and reduce stress. 3
  • Slows Aging Process: The reason why blueberries have such a beautiful rich blue color is due to the fact that they are packed with anthocyanins. Anthocyanin is a collection of antioxidant pigments, and each type may have a different antioxidant activity. These amazing compounds help to fight oxidation that breaks down our tissues and ages us more quickly. The blue in blueberry acts as a protection against the natural oxidation that occurs from aging and environmental toxins. 4


Baobab Powder

What is it: Baobab fruit comes from a large gorgeous tree in Africa. Our Baobab powder is made by drying the fruit slowly at low temperatures to ensure all enzymes, vitamins and minerals are preserved.

Nutritional Highlights:Baobab is rich in vitamins B1, B6 and C. It is also an excellent source of calcium, potassium, fiber and antioxidants. 5

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Boosts Energy:Because of its high content of Vitamin C and B6, Baobab may help combat fatigue, improve cognitive function and boost energy levels. 6
  • Iron Absorption:A food with high amounts of Vitamin C always helps to aid in iron absorption, especially when the iron is derived from a vegetarian source. The vitamin C present in Baobab will aid in the absorption of iron present in our Super-greens. 7
  • Digestive Health: The fiber and calcium in Baobab contribute to the normal function of digestive enzymes.
  • Skin Health: The high amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants may protect your skin from oxidative damage.


Wild Goji Berry Powder

What is it: Goji berries are very nutrient dense berries that are grown in Tibet and China. They have been central to Chinese Medicine for thousands of years due to their medicinal qualities. Our Wild Goji berries are slowly dried at low temperatures to ensure all vitamins, minerals and enzymes are intact.

Nutritional Highlights: Goji berries are one of the most nutritionally dense fruits on the earth. They contain all essential amino acids, vitamin C, iron, fiber, calcium, zinc, selenium and 21 other trace minerals. They are also extremely high in antioxidants.

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Strengthens Immune System: The high amounts of polysaccharides (long chain complex sugars) and antioxidants help to keep the immune system strong and fight against existing illness and disease. 8
  • Longevity:Goji berries have been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine as a longevity food, meaning that the compounds present in the berries help to ensure a long life.
  • Nourishes Kidneys and Liver:Another use for Goji berries in traditional Chinese Medicine is to nourish both the liver and kidney energy meridians. This can help with dizziness, lower back pain, and poor eyesight. 9
  • Protects Against Oxidative Stress:Like the other Superfruits, Goji contains a very high amount of antioxidants. These help to protect the body from “free radicals” that can break down our bodies over time and leave us susceptible to disease. 10


Rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and important trace minerals, these greens keep your cells healthy and happy and your body clean! They help reduce unhealthy cravings, increase energy, detoxify the body, improve digestion, ease joint pain, and balance the body’s pH levels.


Barleygrass Powder

What is it: Our Organic Barleygrass powder is a nutrient-rich green powder, made from the leaves of young barley grass plants before their energy is diverted into producing grain.

Nutritional Highlights:Barleygrass is high in Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, carotene, protein, organic sodium, and chlorophyll.

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Eases Joint Pain:The organic sodium present in Barleygrass helps to break down calcium deposits in the joints, which may ease discomfort. This sodium is helpful to the body as opposed to the inorganic sodium that may be harmful to our health.
  • Digestive Health: The chlorophyll in Barleygrass helps to cleanse the digestive tract of accumulated toxins.
  • Balance PH Levels:Barleygrass is very alkalizing to the body and many people struggle with over acidity because of poor diet and environmental toxins. Barleygrass helps to normalize the pH of the body, which affects the overall health and wellbeing of a person. 11
  • Diabetes:Barleygrass has been proven to lower cholesterol levels and improve the health of diabetic patients. 12


Wheatgrass Powder:

What is it: Our Organic Wheatgrass powder is made by dehydrating the leaves of young wheat shoots before their energy is diverted into producing grain.

Nutritional Highlights:Wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll, magnesium, protein, and enzymes. It also contains Vitamins A, B1,2,3,5,6,8 and C,E and K. 13

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Cleanses Liver and Blood:The high amount of chlorophyll in Wheatgrass may cleanse the liver and blood while helping to neutralize environmental toxins.
  • Relieves Arthritic Pain: A study found that daily intake of wheatgrass significantly reduced symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. 13
  • Relieves Gastrointestinal stress:Wheatgrass helps to alkalize your body and reduce over acidity, which may lead to ulcers, diarrhea, constipation and other complaints.
  • Blood Building:The chlorophyll present in Wheatgrass has the ability to increase red blood cell counts as well as increase the speed of hemoglobin regeneration. 14


Moringa Powder:

What is it: Moringa is referred to as the “Tree of Life” because of its plethora of nutritional and medicinal qualities. Our Moringa powder is made by slowly drying the nutritious leaves of the tree at low temperature.

Nutritional Highlights: Moringa is high in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, and Calcium. It also has 18 amino acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Increased Energy: Most likely due to its incredible nutritional profile, Moringa has been said by many to increase energy and lift mood. Dr Oz, a famous Dr. from the U.S, suggests using Moringa at the start of the day for long lasting energy.
  • Anti-Aging: The high amounts of antioxidants present in Moringa work to protect you from free radicals, which cause you to age more quickly. The Vitamin A may assist in the production of collagen, helping to firm your skin.
  • Infections: Compounds in Moringa have been proven to be anti-fungal and act as natural antibiotics for internal infections without the negative side effects of pharmaceutical antibiotics. 21
  • Disease Treatment and Prevention:Moringa has been cited in scientific literature as having anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory activity. 21



Loaded with B Vitamins, protein, trace minerals, detoxifying compounds and essential fatty acids, Super-algaes may be nature’s best kept secret. They detoxify the body, protect against damage from heavy metals and promote the health of the heart, brain, liver and nervous system.


Spirulina Powder

What is it:  Spirulina is protein-rich blue green algae. Our raw Spirulina powder is produced by slowly dehydrating the algae at low temperatures.

Nutritional Highlights:  Spirulina is high in B Vitamins, (including B12) and Vitamin K. It also contains important minerals such as: calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, manganese, potassium, and zinc. It is rich in amino acids, and phytopigments (substances that give the food its rich color) such as phycocyanin, chlorophyll, and carotenoids. It is also naturally rich in iodine.

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Normalizes Blood Pressure: Studies suggest that Spirulina is a helpful supplement for people suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. 29
  • Heart Health:Studies suggest that Spirulina protects against the development of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Brain Health: In one study, Spirulina was found to have a high neuro-protective effect due to its ability to protect against free radicals as well as reduce inflammation. 16
  • Liver Health: Studies suggest that Spirulina prevents the build up of triglycerides in the liver, reduces liver inflammation and protects it from damage by heavy metals. 17


Chlorella Powder:

What is it: Chlorella is a single-celled green algae. Our Organic Chlorella Powder is made by slowly dehydrating the algae to produce a nutritionally dense bright green powder. Our Chlorella has “broken cell walls” which makes it very easy to digest.

Nutritional Highlights:Chlorella is high in readily available chlorophyll, protein, B Vitamins, Vitamins C and E, rare trace vitamins plus a considerable amount of beta-carotene. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and healthy essential fatty acids.

Potential Health Benefits

-Detoxification: Chlorella is one of the most potent detoxifying Superfoods. It binds to heavy metals and flushes them out of the body as well as keeping the liver clean and healthy. 18

Cancer and Disease Prevention: Studies have shown that Chlorella stimulates the immune system, has antitumor effects, inhibits cancer and repairs DNA. 19

Nervous System Health: Chlorella has the ability to repair nerve tissues in the body. People with degenerative nerve disorders have reported positive results after supplementing with Chlorella. It contains growth factors that promote the body’s natural healing ability to grow and repair tissue. 20

Reduces Unhealthy Cravings: Because of its incredible nutritional profile of protein, magnesium, vitamins, minerals, and healthy oils, Chlorella helps reduce the cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods. Because the body becomes naturally satisfied by the nutrient dense food, over time, hormonal signals will be brought back into balance. 20


Adaptogens are vitality-building substances that help the body resist the damaging effects of stress. They help reduce fatigue, improve focus, support the immune system and restore the body to a state of balance.


Maca Powder:

What is it: Maca is a powerful root vegetable grown in Peru and is the highest altitude crop in the world. Our Organic Maca is dried at low temperatures and ground to produce a powder. It has been traditionally used to boost fertility, heal sexual dysfunctions, and increase energy and stamina.

Nutritional Highlights: Maca root contains significant amounts of amino acids and minerals including calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and iron. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, C and E, as well as trace minerals such as iodine, copper, and manganese.

Potential Health Benefits:

Reduces Stress: Because Maca is an adaptogen, it helps the body to deal with stress. Adaptogens have the ability to quiet a stress-activated enzyme known as JNK. This enzyme is responsible for increasing inflammatory and oxidative compounds. 22

Balances Hormones: Maca has the ability to balance hormones in both men and women. Studies have found it effective for reducing uncomfortable menopausal symptoms, increasing libido and correcting sexual dysfunctions. Maca stimulates and nourishes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. These are the master glands of the body, which help to regulate the other glands. When they are in balance they can then bring balance to the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands. 23

Increases Bone Density: The combination of the high amount of calcium combined with Maca’s hormone balancing abilities promotes bone mass and bone density, helping to protect against osteoporosis. 24

Energy and Stamina: Because Maca is nutrient dense, adaptogenic and balancing to the hormones, it naturally increases energy levels in the body in a sustained and healthy way.


Reishi Powder:

What is it: Reishi is a mushroom that grows on deciduous trees. It is considered the “Queen of the Medicinal Mushrooms.” Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, it has been a very important ingredient in elixirs, teas and medicinal blends. Our Reishi is dried at low temperature and ground into a powder.

Nutritional Highlights: Reishi is revered for its medicinal properties rather than its nutritional properties, but its biggest highlight is the incredible amount of polysaccharides (very complex long chain carbohydrates that have medicinal properties) and its adaptogenic effects.

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Immune System Support: Reishi has been used for hundreds of years as an immune tonic. It treats immune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, inhibits bacteria and viruses, and protects the body against stress. According to nutritionist David Wolfe, Reishi will actually “re educate” one’s immune system. This means that it acts differently in each person, according to what that person needs. 25
  • Anti Inflammatory:Inflammation is something that occurs as we age due to environmental toxins, stress and poor diet. Supplementing with Reishi can help significantly to relieve inflammation in the body. 26
  • Longevity: Another name for Reishi is the “Mushroom of Immortality.” It has been a secret ingredient for living a long life in Chinese Medicine for many years. Because Reishi enhances cellular immune systems, and promotes protective antibody production it has been known to combat the diseases that may cause premature aging, therefore extending life. 27
  • Allergy Relief:Studies have shown that Reishi is a fantastic natural treatment for allergies. Particularly those with symptoms of hay fever allergies have noticed a significant alleviation of symptoms. 28

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  9.  Xu Xiangcai (chief editor), Maintaining Your Health, volume 9 of The English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical Traditional Medicine, 1989 Higher Education Press, Beijing
  22. Winston D, et al. Adaptogens. Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief. Healing Arts Press 2007)
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